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We love confetti! One of my favourite moments of every wedding I have been to is when I get to throw confetti or rice on the newlyweds. It is an explosion of joy after an emotional ceremony, all of the guests get to participate, which they really enjoy, and there is a special beauty to it. So we think it is a nice idea to pay some attention to detail here.

Go for Natural confetti
Instead of the usual paper confetti there are other original options out there. Dried petals are sweet and they will gently fall around you, adding magic to the moment. And it looks great in the photos!


Follow your colour scheme

If your wedding has a colour scheme, why not include your confetti? You can find it in any colour range and it contributes to the beauty of the whole setup.


Think of how you will present your confetti
Now that you have chosen the type and colour, we have gathered some nice ideas of how to make it look nice and be practical at the same time.
Hand out cones in a basket



Prepare individual pouches that one of your bridesmaids can hand out


Prepare little buckets with a generous amount of confetti, you will get a real blast in one go!


Fill in a couple of baskets directly with your confetti, so guests can take a handful or two…and repeat until it is finished Confetti Basket with Romeo and Juliet

Confetti Pop’s are great fun, and not only kids love them! You don’t have to have one for each guest…5 or 6 would be enough, you can mix them with individual pouches, baskets of confetti…


Think of how you will display your confetti
Instead of having someone had it out, you can set up a stand for your guests, so they can help themselves to confetti!

Put them in jars nicely decorated and displayed on a table, so each guest can choose the colour they prefer.


Decorate an old vintage bike, it looks stunning! You can display it at the entrance of the church or ceremony all. And as it is mobile, so one of your helpers can do a tour to make sure no one has missed out…your guest will love it!



For a rustic style wedding, an old cart or any other antic, can play into your theme very nicely. Use your imagination!


Here are some very original options, the ideas are endless, what will you come up with?



If you are more on the chic side, you will probably like this idea, it is simple and stunning!


Attention to detail can help you create that unforgettable atmosphere! Don’t forget about your confetti!

Image Credits: Shropshire Petals