Here you have some great ideas to ensure your wedding guests have an epic time!

Dazzle your guests and make your wedding a standout celebration, the options are endless so get inspired:


1. Fancy dress Photo booth
We are in the selfie era! Give your guests what they enjoy, and have fun with the results. Place a sofa and some fancy dress wigs, fun glasses, hats, giant frames, neon bracelets etc at your guest's disposal with a camera to capture the fun moments, and just ask them to strike a pose! You don’t even need to have a photographer there the whole night, leave the camera prepared on a stand so all they have to do is press the button. You will have a good laugh when you browse the late night group sessions... and sending them these pictures can be your way of saying thanks for coming! They will love seeing them...



2. Ask your guests to help you capture the fun by using your Tag on Instagram!



3. Sparkle your opening dance

If your wedding is at night, give your guests sparklers to light during your first dance, people love to feel that they are a part of making the moment special, and it will make guests stand up, break the ice and move into action in a matter of seconds.



4. Get your besties to step in

Why not rehearse a short fun choreography with your closest friends, they can join you on the dance floor once your romantic solo is done, the rest of your guests will be surprised and enjoy the show! By then you will have plenty of little helps to drag the rest in.

5. What is going on with the waiter?

Can you imagine a waiter plying jokes on your guests?  Why not hire a comedian to infiltrate your party as a staff member and shock your guests to their delight? You should see them in action, it is a fun way of welcoming your guests at the wedding reception! Keep the emotions going...

6. Take advantage of fun customs from other countries

While everybody is seated during dinner, when the groom goes to the toilet, all the boys in the room must head to the bride and kiss her on the cheek, and vice versa when the bride goes to powder her nose the ladies rush to give the groom a peck on the cheek. This is a custom in Norway, and fun is guaranteed! It is also a great opportunity for the bride and groom to say hi to at least half of the guests all at once.

7. Challenge your guests with the kiss-song game

During the party time, make the DJ announce that every time a specific song plays all the guests must kiss someone, their partner or a friend, if not they will be punished and will have to dance on the dance floor...alone!!

8. Gather and play your guests favourite songs

Why not put in place a song request booth, the DJ can pick the papers out and find the right moment to slip their song in!

9. Inflatable castle

But for the adults of course! You will be surprised at how your guests will love jumping around, just be sure to put it near the main dancing area where all the fun is or it will be counterproductive.

10. Shot of personality

Involve your heritage. International couple or not, find a way to blend your customs in, it can result in a rich entertaining experience!

11. Keep it different with your sweet treat

Rent an ice-cream truck to come and stay until the late hours of the night, or set up a nice candy table, your guests will love this. Make sure you don’t forget to put out a buffet of savoury foods too...this can be your favourites like hotdogs with crunchy onions, mini burgers or fajitas! 



12. Welcome kit for those who come from abroad

Leave it in their hotel room, it can include a map of the city, places to visit, the wedding programme, (mark on a map where the ceremony and reception will be, and how to get there) a bottle of wine, something typical to eat from the region...



13. Memorable book

Instead of just some special words, ask your guests to take a Polaroid picture of themselves and stick it in the book next to their will love going through it and seeing each one of them. Of find a way of capturing their messages in your own style!



14. Colourful flip-flops as wedding favours

Your guests will love this, especially girls in high heels! They will be eternally we be reassured that it is not a gift that will end up in some drawer forgotten.

15. Seating Charts

Find an original idea for your seating chart; think about something that reflects you as a couple, something that reflect the members of each table, like university colleagues, work, lifetime friends... a couple that had guest coming from all parts of the world did the following:



     16. Use signs for whatever comes to mind

     It can be for practical reasons, or to send a message to you guests... for example: kick of your shoes and




 Last but not least, get a good DJ, spice up the night with cocktails and don’t forget to entertain the kids!



Image credits: Brides and grooms from Pixabay, Grab a Prop by Ginger Ray, Flag this tag by Luck & Luck, Sparklers by Pixabay, RSVP by Ginger Ray, Love is sweet by Neviti, Gift box by Plantabox, Wooden Guestbook by Ginger Ray, Seating chart by Mapsinternational, Signs from Sweatheart Darling.