Engagement ring is on your finger and the planning of the wedding day has started. Don’t wait too long to start shopping for the wedding rings. It will give you more time to maximise your budget as well as make sure the rings are included in the final wedding budget.


Start about 6 months before your wedding, especially if you are thinking of having bespoke rings made. No point leaving this to the last minute.


Considering you will be wearing your wedding rings every day, forever – it is a good idea to choose high quality and something you really like, therefore budget may be a bit higher than you think.


It is advisable to include engagement and both wedding bands in your household insurance as soon as they have been bought – both for theft and loss.


Choosing the wedding rings is definitely something to do as a couple. Dedicate a few days to shop around. Not only can you make it a nice day out but it also makes the ‘getting married’ more real. Visit several jewellers to get a good idea of price and different designs available.


For the groom it is mainly about finding a shape, metal and size he is happy and comfortable wearing. However, for the bride it is important to ensure the ring will complement her engagement ring. Other than visiting jewellers to see what they have you can also ask for a bespoke service and have the wedding rings designed especially for you. Lastly, there is also the option of melting a vintage ring into a new one or creating something out of a family heirloom.


You will be able to get your finger size measured at the jewellers to get the exact ring size. Of course as the years go by your fingers are likely to change but there is always the option to re-size in the future. For now you want to make sure they are big enough not to be uncomfortable and small enough not to fall off. Remember as well that your fingers are usually a bit smaller when your hands are cold.


You are going to be wearing these rings every day forever so be sure you love them! If in doubt, don’t buy.


Traditionally wedding bands were in yellow gold. More modern times have seen white gold, rose gold, silver, palladium, titanium, zirconium and platinum emerge as well as rings sparkling with diamonds. Brides usually choose a metal which matches her engagement ring. Prices will depend on the weight and style of the metal you decide on so consider discussing your initial budget to get an idea of the metal matching your pockets.

Hopefully these tips were helpful, and lastly don’t forget to bring the rings to your wedding day and be sure to put them in trusted hands.



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