Every bride needs her bridesmaids! Once engaged this is one of the first things a bride should think about.

Your chosen girls will help you with very important tasks such as finding your perfect wedding dress, organising your hen party and giving you their valuable opinion on all the wedding details. They may even be entrusted with important wedding tasks. They are your little guardian angels that will support you and be there for you all the way to the altar.



Here are some tips to keep in mind when choosing your special ones:


  1. You can have one bridesmaid or as many as you like, there are no rules here.
  1. We have all different types of friends, those who are good to talk to, those who share our passions and hobbies, the sensible ones, the sensitive ones and those who are great fun! You will probably do best to make up a cocktail with all the ingredients.
  1. Remember that not all will be easy; you will most probably find yourself in situations where you want to throw your toys out of the pram, so your bridesmaids must be the ones that will keep you calm and support you in stressful moments.
  1. Sometimes we have to make compromises to keep all of our family members happy, or deal with personal matters so they should be those special people that you are close to, in whom you can confide and who know you very well.
  1. Your bridesmaids will also be preparing your hen do! Make sure your special bridesmaid, the one with a touch of fun and crazy, is included in this!


Therefore, be sure to choose between those who you know you can be around when you are stressed and that will do everything in their hands to make you happy and help you. These are your best friends, your sisters or any other family members you feel close to.

When you start going through your options, don’t forget that you will be asking them for favours, using their time, needing their opinion and their support.

This is an important decision as their little touch will make the path towards you wedding fun and easy...

The perfect person is the one who will enjoy it and put their heart into it, just as if it were their own wedding.


Image credits: 
Silk Vail from Ann Guise
Bridal Umbrella from Love Umbrellas