On your big day you shouldn’t have to worry about anything. Many of the following tasks can be performed by the best man, but you may wish to share them out between other members of your bridal party.


  • Ensure that the bridal party are all aware of their roles and the timings of the day.
  • Arrange for delivery of flowers.
  • Have a nice playlist for when getting ready.
  • Make sure all phones are fully charged.
  • Write a love letter to your fiancé and give him after the wedding ceremony.
  • Designate someone to tidy up the room for wedding night.
  • Check the best man has the wedding rings.
  • Pack your ‘survival-kit’ bag.
  • Have a cardigan for when doing hair and make-up so you don’t have to disturb the hair when taking it off.
  • Appoint someone to save you from ‘chatty’ guests.
  • Pack flat shoes for the reception, and your shorter white dress if you are doing two wedding dresses.
  • Have your passports and other important and necessary documents.
  • Clean your engagement ring.
  • Drink a lot of water during the day.
  • Ask the photographers to take pictures of the rings before the ceremony.
  • Deliver orders of service to the ceremony venue (do the day before if possible).
  • Check the best man has the button-holes and corsages for the groom's side.
  • Ensure buttonholes and orders of service are given out.
  • Organise someone to transport flowers from the church to the reception venue.
  • Make announcements to help the photographers.
  • Pack a Wedding night bag.


  • Carry everything the bride will need on the day, including make-up etc, in an elegant handbag.
  • Have a mobile phone so that she can contact the best man if necessary, or be the point of contact for the bridal party.
  • If required, the bride's overnight bag, handbag and other essentials for the following day can be left at the reception venue in advance.
  • The bridesmaids should also leave everything they might need at the reception venue, such as a change of shoes, camera, wrap or shawl and overnight bag if necessary.


  • Carry a mobile phone and his speech notes.
  • Car keys (if needed), cash and an overnight bag can all be left at the reception venue the day before.
  • Arrange for the wedding bouquet to be delivered to the bride.
  • Arrange for the bouquets of flower for the mothers to be delivered to the venue.


  • The best man will need the rings, his mobile phone, speech notes, spare cash and enough money to cover the church fees and any final payments for the relevant suppliers if needed.
  • He must have a note of all emergency transport or contact numbers (including the Maid of Honour and caterer's/venue’s phone numbers).