Once you have chosen your perfect invitations, it is time to figure out what you are going to say on them. You may have the most gorgeous invites ever, and you might feel like getting creative with the wording, but don’t overdo it because their main role is to transmit some essential information. So you can start by deciding if you are going to go traditional and formal, or rather fun and casual and work from there. We have some classic examples for you here below which can be a good starting point, so you don’t miss any important info that you should include. Your artistic taste, personality, style, wedding theme are mostly reflected by the invites you have already chosen so don’t worry too much about that and make sure your message is clear.



Your Save the date has the sole purpose of fixing a date in your friends & families minds. Keep the wording direct and down to the point but take the opportunity to reflect your personality.



  • Your wording can either be formal and elegant, or fun and casual.



Linda Gallop and John McBeth

Are getting married

Saturday July 24th 2016 


Formal Invitation to follow



She said yes!

Sara Johnson and Patrick Smith

Are finally getting married!

 Celebrate with us Saturday July 24th 2016 


Invitation to follow



  • Your save the date should always say 'invitation to follow'.
  • If your wedding is abroad, it is wise to include a separate accommodation card so that your guests can start to book. You should contact at least 2 or 3 hotels to fit all budgets and book a block of rooms.



The location and time of the ceremony, the address of the venue and the daily schedule are details that you will leave for the wedding invitations. Here you have the essential details you should include:

  • Hosting: in the old days the parents of the bride would host and pay for the wedding. This would be the first phrase of your invitation. It is not normally the case in our days any more, but couples can honour their parents with this mention on their invites independently of who has paid for what.
  • Your names and surnames
  • Date of your wedding ceremony
  • Location of the ceremony
  • location of the wedding reception
  • RSVP with deadline to reply and address to reply to
  • Dress code details if it applies
  • Schedule of the day
  • Specify for single people if they can bring a plus one, and specify is children are invited or not.


Some Formal examples with and without a host:

Ms Vivianne Bain Hank


Mr John Smith Loren

request the pleasure of your company

at their marriage

on (date), (month), (year),

at (time)

(Ceremony Location), Bristol, Somerset



Mr. and Mrs. Smith 
Mr. and Mrs. Brown
request the honour of your presence
at the marriage of their children
Laura Smith
John Brown


Some casual examples


Because you have believed in them,
Celebrated with them,
Loved and encouraged them,

We, Vivianne Bain and John Smith
Invite you to join us in honouring our siblings

Laura Bain
Alexander Smith

As they celebrate the beginning of their adventure together

Saturday, July 14th
at half past four in the afternoon
Bring your dancing shoes, dinner & party to follow



Laura Smith


John Brown

Invite you to join the fun
as they stand together
before family and friends.

Saturday, July 7, 2016
at 5:30 in the afternoon

Location of ceremony
Don’t miss the best part, big party to follow!





  • There are hundreds of templates and designs out there, find one that will reflect your colour scheme or wedding theme if you have one. For example, if your wedding is abroad, why not prepare a vintage style luggage tag?  



  • One of the latest trends in wedding invitations and save the dates is to take photo of yourselves as a couple in an original way. This gives you a lot of possibilities to reflect your personality, you can write your message on a board, in the sand...or have it printed out in any colour or style.



  • If you have guests coming from other cities, or if you are getting married in any place other than your usual home, make up a list of places worth visiting, good restaurants, maps (you can usually get these for free in the tourist information office or ask in your hotel) and useful tips that you can add into your invitation.
  • Put a full invitation together and go to the post office to way it, by now you can calculate the budget you will require to post them.




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