This may have not crossed your mind, but you might want to give yourself a moment to practise how you will hold your bouquet. Avoid being caught by surprise in the stress of your wedding day. You may think you know how to carry a bunch of flowers, but carrying them in front of you, on the side, or hanging down will make a big difference to your pictures, so a bit of practice will help you do it correctly.



Your ‘Big Entry’ is a delicate moment, it is when brides are most nervous, and in addition all the eyes in the room will be fixed on you. Hold the bouquet just under the flowers so that they rest on your hand. Carry the bouquet with one hand, at the level of your hips and slightly to the side so that it is not in the middle of your dress. Tilt the bouquet slightly to the front, so the flowers will cover your hand and most of the stem. Keep your arm comfortable and relaxed, you don’t want your elbow sticking out on the side.



If you hold it too high up in the middle of your chest you will be covering your dress, and don’t let it hang upside down either at this moment.

When you are signing, put the flowers on the table so that they are facing the guests or the photographer, (the stem towards you) the pictures will look much nicer.



When you are leaving church, if you are clinging to your husband’s arm, use that same arm to hold the bouquet, that will leave you a free hand to hold your dress if necessary.


During your photo shoot, relax as your photographer will be the one worrying about getting the best pictures, they will tell you what to do in each moment, and you can repeat! 


Image credits:
Bride with two bouquets from Etsy
Colourful bouquet at top from Da Wanda
Bride with White Flower Bouquet from Pixabay
Bouquet on table from Interflora