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11 Alternative Wedding Desserts to surprise your guests

A classic wedding cake will never be out of fashion, even so many brides are now offering alternative desserts. Going “non-traditional” is just as accepted in our days, and it opens up a wide range of possibilities regardless if there is a wedding cake or not.

Have a look at our favourite ideas that we have put together to inspire you:


Who doesn’t like to eat off a stick? These irresistible tiny bites can come in any flavour and design that you like. You will be sure to cover all your guests’ preferences and they are a fun choice. You can get them tailor made to match your wedding theme, why not start to get ideas looking at our cakes & goodies Pin Board, find a style that you like and take it to your wedding cake designer.

Wedding Cake Pops


As above, there are no limits to flavours and decoration opportunities. You can put together a range of different cupcakes from elegant to rustic that will dazzle your guests…get creative and add in some signs!

wedding cupcakes


Setting up a self-service retro candy table is an easy and delightful option, you can place the candy in jars and plates, even in DIY decorated jam jars, let your fantasy go wild. You can even add some colourful popcorn!

Wedding dessert Cany Table

Why not place little bags or boxes to go, this way you have covered your favours too…and you will definitely keep the children happy!

Wedding favors candy dessert


Everybody loves pies; you can display a rustic pie table filled with different sizes and flavours. As pies look rustic on their own we recommend to follow this line, you can decorate for example with leaves, oranges and flowers. Write the names of each pie on retro recycled paper labels, like ‘travel labels’. Have a look at what you can find on our PIN BOARD in stationery.


Call in an ice-cream van; it is also very successful in late hours when remaining gusts need a boost to carry on dancing through the night. Get your supplier to put special little treats on the ice creams, such as colourful sprinkles or chocolate nubs.

Wedding Ice cream truck


A large flowing chocolate fountain in the middle of your dessert buffet, surrounded by endless chunks of fruit ready to be coated with chocolate is an eye catcher. Here we have an idea to share: decorate the fruit area with flowers and leaves making it look like an enchanted garden…


You can get you catering to prepare different layer desserts in see-through jars, this gives you allot of possibilities of decoration, combining desserts and styles.


If you definitely don’t want to give up on having a wedding cake, which always has a place on our dessert table, but at the same time you want something different, why not go for one these gorgeous naked cakes.

Naked wedding cake


An option that we find very fun is to set up a table that guests can walk around with fun instructions and notes written on the table or on labels of how to make and eat their waffles or pancakes. You have a nice chance to reflect your personality as a couple and your guests will be happy to be able to participate.


Put them in newspaper cones or ask them to be made heart shaped! You can have them displayed with the chocolate on them or to be dipped in…lots of possibilities here!


If your wedding is in summer, popsicles come in all colours and flavours, with chunks of fruit, of chocolate or made of yogurt. You can leave them out upside down in crushed ice with ribbons on them.

Image Credits:
Cake pops from Da Wanda
Cupcakes from Ginger Ray
Candy table images from Ginger Ray
Naked Wedding Cake from Ginger Ray