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A countryside wedding style is one of our favourite themes, it offers so many possibilities and we never get tired of the look. One of the things we love about the beauty of using the rustic theme is that you can create a sense of continuity from the natural setting. And you can blend in old vintage objects and furniture with stunning results.

Whether you have chosen a barn, a country hotel, an old Farmhouse, a Marquee or a magical garden for your country style wedding, we can help you achieve that romantic and relaxed atmosphere with some of our favourite decoration ideas, they are brilliant and easy:

1. Make your grand entrance in a retro car decorated with some nice dried flowers, there is no better colour scheme than the one the season dictates:


2. Walk down a petal carpet, with some different sized glass jars filled with different shaped and sized flowers:


3. Have a tour around the venue and see what you can use, you can do great things with a bit of imagination. Maybe they have an old wooden ladder like this one – that can be a perfect way to display your confetti, or your table seating cards: Confetti Colour Ladder in Confetti Field £11.95 per litre

4. We have found some other great decorative ways of displaying the confetti for your guests so that they are ready to make your ceremony unforgettable. Any old vintage items you can find and spruce up will give you that warm natural style: an old cart, an old fashion bicycle, an old suitcase… you would be surprised with what you can achieve!

And old cart and farming tools: Vintage Cart with Midnight Blue Confetti in White Cones £11.95 per litre

A retro bike and a basket: Vintage Bike with Winters Morn Confetti in Cones £11.95 per litre

Grandmas old suitcase, the one tucked away in the attic: Pick and Mix of Midnight Blue, Raspberry Fool and Icing Sugar in vintage suitcase £11.95 per litre (7)

And our favourite, an old kitchen scale filled with confetti, so that each guest can take a handful: Vintage Scales with Summer Nights £11.95 per litre (8)

5. Signs, flowers in old vases and baskets, milk buckets…make a mix to find that retro and vintage look: Wedding sign and flowers with confetti from £11.95 per litre



6. A Mr & Mrs is a sweet greeting to the bride and groom, blend it in on a stack of hay, some flowers and scatter some petals around in your colour theme. Dried flowers and hay can come a long way; it is an excellent and economic way of giving your venue that country garden look: Mr and Mrs Sign with Midnight Blue and Cerise on straw bales £13.50 per litre (3) Country Garden Wheat Sheaf from £33.95 and Country Garden Wheat Sheaf £40 on straw bale

7. Spruce up the bride, the groom or your bridal party with button holes and accessories that fit in with your theme, like these nice dried flowers: Wheat Bunch from £3.25 per bunch Wheat Bunch button hole from £3.25 per bunch

We hope this help you get inspiration and ideas for your big day!

Image credits:

Shropshire Petals: car, petal isle, ladder with confetti displayed in jars, cart, bicycle, suitcase, scale, wooden bench, Mr&Mrs on hay, Dried Flowers on hay, button holes & hair accessories.

Ginger Ray: Mr&Mrs hanging signs in wood.