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If you are after a helping hand to find your cake, then look no further. Here are loads of ideas and inspiration from top UK wedding cake designers to help you find the perfect cake for your upcoming wedding.

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In most wedding receptions, cutting the wedding cake is one of the main events. People will always be excited about the design and concept of your chosen wedding cake. Deciding on your wedding cake can be a tough decision, but also fun and let’s not forget…delicious(!) as you sit down and try out all the different and yummy cake flavour options available. Not to mention the incredibly talented artists that are cake designers today! Their cakes truly are works of ART!

Cakes by: (1) Amazing Grace Cakes (2) Sweet Drops of Heaven (3) White Rose Cake Design


Before you start your hunt, you need to have an idea of what type of wedding cake you want. For example, the shape, flavour, how many tiers etc.


Round Shape

Round Cake is one of the most popular cake shapes that you’ll see during weddings. It looks elegant and the simplicity of a round cake provides the perfect backdrop for interesting decoration designs and colours.



Cakes by: (1) White Rose Cake Design (2) White Rose Cake Design (3) Monannie Cakes (4) Sweet Drops of Heaven (5+6) Lavender & Lime Bakery

Square Shape

A square shaped cake is the modern substitute to a round cake. Perfect for couples looking for something different but not too overstated.

Cakes by: (1) Monannie Cakes (2) Monannie Cakes

Petal or Scalloped Shape

Often referred to as ‘scalloped’, this shape has a flower-like look. Play up the petal shape with hand painted details or mix it up a little and use the petal shape only on the bottom tier of a round cake to be a little different.

Cakes by: (1) Rosewood Cakes (2) Baroque Bakes

Pillow Shape

The pillow shape cake is considered as one of the most luxurious shapes of wedding cake. Perfect for a grand wedding.

Cakes by: Elizabeth’s Cake Emporium

Heart Shape

Why not be a little different with your wedding cake and choose a heart shaped cake – a wedding cake full of appropriate romance.

Cakes by: (1) Timeless Cakes (2) Shelly’s Cake Creations

Topsy-Turvy Shape

This shape of cake is usually the symbol of fun and unique. With its abstract looking shape (and decorations) your guest will easily recognise and remember it.

Cake by: Boudewijns Bakery


After you decide the shape of your wedding cake, it is now time to decide the type of cake and fillings. Knowing their difference can help you decide and avoid mixing flavours and types inappropriately.

Sponge Cake

This is probably the best type of cake if you want to stack different layers due to its firm and light characteristics. It is considered as a favourite because many brides love their cake to have up to 3 layers. If you want to have a wedding cake with tons of layers, then this is the perfect type for your wedding cake.

Chiffon Cake

Chiffon cakes are very light and fluffy and is made with vegetable oil. Consider this cake as a healthy option too, plus, it is fun to eat and can be stored without drying out.

Fruit Cake

If you love a cake that has a different flavour with every bite, then fruit cake is probably the best one for you. Just be careful if you have guests that has a peanut allergy since fruit cakes typically has sliced nuts in it.


Sweet and delicious is the best description for this cake. A vanilla cheesecake that has a base of a crumbly biscuit. It is a great alternative to traditional cakes.

Other flavours include Red Velvet, Chocolate, Lemon, Carrot, Coconut, Banana walnut and not forgetting the new and trendy cakes made of layers of different cheeses.

Cakes by: The Cheese Wedding Cake Shop


Without a delicious filling, a cake is nothing but a dry a cake. Here are some of the best fillings that you can add to your cake for that extra flavour. You can also try combining some of the fillings and came up with your own unique taste (i.e. a raspberry and chocolate flavoured wedding cake). Consult an expert to create a perfect combination without risking the taste and consistency of your cake.

Fresh Strawberries

This is usually combined with strawberry jam, a perfect fruit to add in between layers or on top of a very creamy icing. Makes for beautiful decoration as well.

Cake by: Amazing Grace Cakes

Raspberry Creme

If you want to add extra fruity flavour to your wedding cake, try adding alternate layers of mascarpone cream and raspberry fillings.

Belgian Chocolate

Everyone loves chocolate!! It’s irresistible and can complement almost every flavour. Belgian chocolate can add a little luxury to your sponge cake by applying a thick layer of this chocolate. You can also add fruits for additional flavour and colour.

Cakes by: (1) Luminary Bakery (2)Love from Lila xx


Aside from using different themes to decorate your wedding cake, you can also use colour as your main preference in choosing decoration for your wedding cake. As a tip, try choosing the colour that suits both of your personality together or a shade that fits with your wedding theme/decor. I.e. a flamboyant red wedding cake or a subtle yet elegant pastel coloured wedding cake.



Cakes by: (1) Love from Lila xx (2) Love from Lila xx (3) The Rose Cake Parlour (4) Newington Cakes (5) Newington Cakes


Creating a cake based on your wedding theme may be the best way to choose your wedding cake. Now that you have your chosen theme, it’s time to select a cake that suits that particular theme. For example, if your wedding theme is rustic, you can use a cake with wooden tiers and uneven edges.



Cakes by: (1+2) Amazing Grace Cakes (3) The Wedding Cake (4) Amazing Grace Cakes (5+6) The Wedding Cake (7+8) Amazing Grace Cakes

We wish you all the best in your cake quest and here are more cakes for ideas and inspiration:


Cakes above by: White Rose Cake Design


Cakes above by: Amazing Grace Cakes

Cakes above by: Baroque Bakes


Cakes above by: Love from Lila xx


Cakes above by: Luminary Bakery

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A special thanks to all the wedding cake designers who worked with us on this! You are all SO talented!