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Wedding Etiquette

Every wedding comes complete with a complex web of unspoken rules that adhere to tradition and play a part in ensuring that your special day goes without a hitch.

The Best Man

The job of Best Man comes with a range of responsibilities and roles, including:

  • Arranging the stag party
  • Accompanying the groom to the wedding
  • Decorating the going-away car
  • Organising the men’s boutonnieres
  • Looking after the rings prior to the ceremony
  • Making a personal and memorable speech
  • Escorting the Maid of Honour

Maid of Honour

The Maid of Honour must act in the background throughout preparations and support the bride as her best friend. She is also responsible for:

  • Helping with dressing procedures
  • Organising the hen night
  • Supervising her fellow bridesmaids
  • Assisting the bride with the gown, trim and holding the wedding bouquet
  • Ensuring that the photographer captures moments for prosperity.

The parents

The rules on who pays for what are not as rigidly defined as they once were. Traditionally the bride’s parents paid for the majority of wedding expenses, but they are now likely to be shared. The bride’s parents commonly host the engagement party, and are responsible for issuing the invitations.

Bride’s father

The father gives his blessing to his daughter’s union by escorting her down the aisle and giving her away. It is his role to raise the first toast to the bride and groom, and escort the groom’s mother from the ceremony.

The Bride’s mother

Preparations include budgeting, fashion, seating and programme arrangements, and making out-of-town guests comfortable. A mother’s expertise and experience is irreplaceable.

Thank You Notes

‘A warm, handwritten note communicates sincere gratefulness for gifts, help with preparations, or merely presence.

Gifts from the couple

Wedding favours are small, carefully-selected gifts that symbolise the couple’s acknowledgement of each friend and relative who shares their special day.

Rules for Guests

  • Reply to the invitation promptly and within the set period
  • Be respectful. If there is a rite or practice that you choose not to participate in, be discreet
  • Choose a gift that is useful to both groom and bride
  • Avoid taking photographs during the ceremony so as not to not disturb the ceremony
  • While hearty celebrations are encouraged, make sure to keep alcohol consumption moderate
  • Refrain from bringing a date unless your invitation specifies ‘+ Guest’
  • Dress smartly and read the invitation carefully for any requirements. Needless to say, avoid white at all costs
  • Always thank the couple and the parents for their invitation