Be prepared and proactive. You never know when you might need these items on the day. Some are more obvious that others but better safe than sorry, right!?

  1. Q-tips, cotton balls, wet wipes and tissue...lots of tissue!
  2. Toothbrush and toothpaste
  3. Mouth wash and floss
  4. Hair spray
  5. Hair brush, combs, curling iron, curlers, straightening iron and hair dryer
  6. Hair clips/accessories and extra pins
  7. Dry shampoo
  8. Make-up and make-up applicators
  9. Make-up remover and nail polish remover
  10. Nail polish in the same colour you are wearing
  11. Clear nail polish (this has many emergency uses)
  12. Nail clippers, nail file, tweezers, and nail scissors
  13. Hand lotion
  14. Baby powder or white/translucent powder
  15. Band-Aids, Neosporin, eye drops, rubbing alcohol, peroxide, and burn gel
  16. Feminine products if needed
  17. All medications and supplements
  18. Shampoo, conditioner, hair spray, gel, mouse, wax, etc.
  19. Razor
  20. Deodorant and perfume
  21. Face cleanser, body lotion, toner and face cream
  22. Ibuprofen or other headache tablets
  23. Straws… sounds silly but spilling coke on your wedding dress wouldn’t be fun!
  24. A pair of comfortable shoes to change into
  25. Scholl gel insoles


Image credit: The Kitchen Gift Co