My Wedding Notebook Blog


There are many hidden costs when planning your wedding. I was a Bridesmaid at the last wedding I went to, and I was very involved in all the planning as it was my best friend who was getting married. Even if I have already organised my own wedding there were plenty of new lessons learnt – which I’d like to share with you.

(1) Pre-wedding party attire (if you plan on having a party the night before the wedding which I highly recommend this as it’s such a great way to prolong the celebrations and also to get more chances to speak to your guests).


(2) Pre-Wedding beauty treatments, and Hair & makeup trial(s)


(3) Postage and stationary other than Invites and Save the dates, i.e. thank you cards


(4) Meals on the wedding day for your bridal party / meals for workers and wedding suppliers (i.e. your wedding photographers / videographers).


(5) Wedding suppliers extra time (i.e. the DJ as you may like the night to go on a little longer)

(6) Gifts for your close ones and for your parents

(7) Guest’s transport (if church and reception are not at a walking distance, as 80 people ordering a taxi at the same time usually do not go down very well).

(8) Surprise guests that crop up last minute

(9) Visa honeymoon expenses + vaccines if needed.


(10) After the wedding: Drycleaner of the dress is likely to be in the hundreds – I got my first quote at £200 and was so surprised!! That’s a new cocktail dress!!

Hope this helps and wishing you all the best in your wedding day preparations!

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