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I have seen many of my friends go to the altar, and even the most organised need help with juggling all the many details of organising a wedding. You would do well to hand out small list of tasks to people you trust, to do both before the wedding and especially on the day. This will help you share the load, and have your mind at ease on the day when the last thing you should be doing is feeling stressed. So, here you have a list of what slips most brides minds!


Sort yourself out beforehand: start to think about what you will need to have with you on your wedding day and start to gather them in one place. You can make a checklist that you can go through the day you pack to make sure you’re not missing anything. Remember your reception clutch and post reception bag! Think of essentials such as comfy clothes to put on when your hair & makeup is being done (which also look good for the photos taken), tissues, lip balm, perfume, obviously your wedding dress, shoes, underwear, the jewellery you’ll be wearing, your something old, new, borrowed and blue… Check out our ‘On the day survival kit’ tips as well.


Carefully pack one of your invitations and save the dates that you sent out to your guests. If you have a couple left over bring two of each, and ask your photographer to take some nice pictures of them. It will be a nice memory for you to have in your album.


Bring a dress and shoe switch: at late hours, you might want to get out of your smashing wedding dress to avoid it getting destroyed (your friends might just decide to throw you up in the air) and you will want to be more comfortable to join in on the late-night dancing. They are many options of white shorter dresses created for this purpose and an abundance of pretty yet very comfy shoes.


Include your suppliers and yourself in the catering headcount: they can prepare cheaper meals for your photographer, videographer, wedding planner if you have one, musicians, bar tenders etc. so don’t forget to ask.


Bring a copy of your wedding play list. Just in case prepare a USB stick with all the songs that you want played at the party, and the song to your first dance too.


Bringing your legal documents if needed. Surprisingly this is what most brides tend to forget!


Taking time off to relax with your partner! Planning a wedding is often described as a stressful period, but it doesn’t have to be like that. Take a day a week before your wedding to have some relaxing quality couple time, it will make a difference.

Image credit: Ginger Ray