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Not sure how to wear your hair on your wedding day? There are loads of options – here are a few ideas from The Bridal Stylists to inspire you…


Lots of brides say that they feel more comfortable with their hair down but feel the pressure to do something different for their wedding day. Our advice is DON’T! Stick with what makes you feel at your best and the most like you. Hair down can be glam!

Try relaxed beachy waves with some plaits or twists for added interest or go for some glamorous Hollywood waves if you want something a bit more polished.

Accessories with something sparkly or some fresh flowers to make your hair feel even more special.  We recommend Donna Crain  for beautiful handmade accessories and The Artisan Dried Flower Company for some really unique flower crowns and combs.


Image above left: Photographer Charlotte Wise


If you want a style that you don’t have to worry about all day or if your hair really doesn’t hold a curl, then we suggest wearing your hair up.

Lots of our brides worry that hair up means something unflattering with all their hair scraped off their face with no volume, but it really doesn’t have to be.

Make sure you show you hair stylists lots of photos of hairstyles that you like and communicate things that you don’t like throughout.

Your up-style can be as loose at the front as you like so you still have plenty of hair framing your face with lots of lovely volume if you like! You can incorporate plaits and twists into your style to give you something unique and make the style extra special.


Image above top left: Photography by Eva Tarnok

We suggest accessorising with pins grips comb’s or flowers to really give the wow factor.

A special thank you to The Bridal Stylists for sharing their knowledge, tips and a helping hand! Now to decide what to go for!!