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One of the challenges that you will come across when planning your wedding is choosing your caterer. The Bride and Groom should do their utmost to choose the best food possible to serve their guests. After all, food is something that everyone looks forward to after the wedding ceremony.

We have therefore compiled a few tips to guide you and get you started on choosing your very own wedding caterer. Get your notebooks and let’s get it started.

Tip #1: Always find out right away if they are free and how far in advance you need to book

Great caterers are always busy and often have a fully booked schedule. Before you start asking about the food, be sure to first find out if they are free and can commit to your wedding date. And how early you need to book.

Tips #2: Consult them about your Food Choice

Your guests may have dietary restrictions, be it vegetarian, gluten or dairy free. Always ask your caterer if they can handle your food choice and dietary restrictions. Choose the caterer that can handle any dietary request and is professional in delivering them.

Tip #3: Find out how much they charge per person

You want to try to stick to your wedding budget as much as possible and getting a price per person early on means you don’t go down the route of trying food you ultimately can’t afford. Get an idea of what food and menu options each caterer has that is within budget and do a tasting only of those choice.

Tip #4: Enquire about other options and services they offer

Most caterers provide almost anything you need for the wedding reception such as table linens, plates, utensils and even tables. Ask them about additional options they can provide you with, which will save you having to coordinate too many wedding suppliers. This also saves you time.

Tip #5: Ask them for recommendations

Since you already asked them about additional services, try to ask them too if they know anyone that can help you with other things like entertainment, photography, flowers and so on.

They can maybe suggest a few trustworthy and talented wedding suppliers they have worked with in the past that you should contact for a quote.

Tip #6: Do not forget about the Alcohol budget!

We can all agree to the fact that a wedding reception needs to be celebrated properly. However, what is celebration without a touch of wine and cocktails, right? Ask them about their price list for different alcohol options. You usually have several options such as a free bar, beer and wine only, cash bar etc. Find out what your choices are and what fits with your budget.

Tip #7: Enquire about the Serving Style!

Caterers usually provide 3 types of serving styles: 1. a full-service meal, 2. a buffet, and 3. food stations.

Clarify the cost of each option so you can choose the one you prefer within your budget. If choosing a full-service wedding meal is too much for you, you can always go with a buffet option – which can be just as good if not better (personally I love a wedding buffet).

Tip #8: Be a little Sceptical at times. Check your Caterers references and reviews

To be extra safe and also to help you choose if you are stuck between one or two – ask them for references and read online reviews. It’s a great way to see how other couples experiences their food and service.


  1. Do you have availability on my Wedding date?
  2. Do you have any license? What alcohol options do you offer?
  3. Do you have sample menu I can see?
  4. How do you work around Food Allergies?
  5. Can I schedule a Menu Tasting?
  6. What is included in your prices?
  7. What do you charge per person (minimum and max) and how is your payment process?
  8. Do you have Children’s menu?
  9. Do you do wedding cakes, or do you recommend someone to do it?

You might find this overwhelming or maybe too much to consider. Choosing the best caterer for your wedding reception is not an easy task. However, you do not have to worry. Professional Caterers are great at what they do, and they are ready to help you make your decisions for a perfect Wedding. Give them your trust and ask for their suggestions.

Hope this helps and wishing you all the best in your wedding day preparations!

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